Located in Mississauga and Oakville

Established by a group of international champions

Champions Martial Arts is a Taekwondo Martial Arts training center for all ages above five Years.

With more than 35 years of international experience in martial arts, Taekwondo Olympic Bronze medalist Grand Master Samer Kamal brings to Ontario, martial arts training in his unique vision.

A sport center and a family destination for all ages and groups. A place where both trainee and families can enjoy a unique training approach in martial arts and self-defense.

  • Best trainers in Mississauga BEST TRAINERS IN MISSISSAUGA & OAKVILLE
  • Excellent training environment EXCELLENT TRAINING ENVIRONMENT
  • Get Black Belt in average of 20 months GET BLACK BELT IN AVERAGE OF 20 MONTHS


  • Cretifications

Our Videos

Grand master Samer Kamal

Everything begins and ends with respect

“A black belt is not defined by the colour of belt around his waist. It’s defined by his attitude and general composure in life.”

GM Samer Kamal

Our Team

Grand Master Zaha Talhouni

Taekwondo instructor Grand Master Zaha Talhouni is one of the highest ranked females in the world. She is a certified referee and a holder of 7th Dan Black belt since 2017. She believes in strength training and pushes students to their highest limits to achieve break throughs in their practice. Her tough approach allows serious and competitive students to master self..Read more

Our Programs

  • Taekwond Virtual Training

    Learn Self Defense and Taekwondo skills live from your own home. To sign up click here

    Adults of all ages can improve their physical fitness and relieve stress.

    Children gain focus, self-confidence and respect while learning Tae Kwon Do in a fun, active setting.
  • After Schools Program

    Students can enjoy a friendly atmosphere where everyone behave with kindness and respect.
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