Welcome to Champions Martial Arts one of a kind virtual Taekwondo classes.

Learn self-defense while getting fit with Olympic medalist; Master Samer Kamal & top ranked trainers.


Why you need to sign-up to Champions Martial Arts virtual Taekwondo classes:

  • Perfect for anyone and any age
  • Your workout is no longer walking to your fridge and back
  • Learn self-defense while getting in tip top shape
  • This program is tailored for you to rank up and get your black belt!
  • Over 3000 certified black belt Champions Martial Arts’ graduates

What does my membership include?

  • 2 classes per week with a live trainer (Duration: 1-Hour)
  • Joining free guest classes with Taekwondo Olympians & well known martial artists
  • Constant support from our masters
  • Learning a new skill and gaining incredible strength and flexibility.