Champions Martial Arts

Welcome to your Road to Olympic Gold!

Champions Martial Arts was internationally established in 1990 under the guidance of Taekwondo Olympic Bronze medalist, 9th Dan Grand Master Samer Kamal, who holds more than 35 years of international martial arts experience. With a unique vision to become a sports center and a family destination for all ages and groups where both trainees and families can enjoy a unique training approach in martial arts and self-defense.
Champions Martial Arts is top ranked Taekwondo school in the world for the year 2018 and 2019 by World Taekwondo Headquarters – Kukkiwon

Style of Art

Our focus is on Taekwondo, which we believe is one of the best forms of martial arts in physical aspects. Flexibility and strength are a continuous guaranteed improvement in our training sessions with great results in just a matter of 2 months of training.
Our students on average can achieve the blackbelt in 20 months if they are dedicated to our training programs.
While we are experts in teaching Taekwondo techniques, our focus is largely on instilling self-confidence, focus, discipline, fitness, healthy weight, and self-esteem. At Champions Martial Arts we emphasize on maximizing every student’s potential in all aspects.

Our School

Champions Martial Arts is more than a school, it’s a caring community with masters and teachers who are dedicated to fostering personal growth and physical excellence. Classes are offered for members 5 years of age and up in three locations Mississauga, Oakville and Stoney Creek. Champions Martial Arts family lounge offers free Wi-Fi, refreshments, games and more.

Visit us and experience our distinguished style! Give us a call today to book your free trial.