Test Before I trained here at Champions martial arts I didn’t know how to fight or anything close to that. I was also weak and not very flexible. Now it’s been 4 months here and I can almost kick to my head and almost do the full splits both ways. I am now also stronger than I am before with kicking punching and take downs 

 -Rayan Sara

2016/05/23 at 6:36 AM

This martial art place is the best I have ever seen in North America. Teachers are highly qualified, caring and true professionals. Mr. S Kamal is Olympic medalist along with several other medals at international level as well as other trainers. They teach techniques very professionally and treat students with respect.  – Harnam Singh

2016/05/23 at 6:24 AM

Newly started, and looks very promising, the Master is excellent and have excellent experience; he is an Olympic bronze medalist. The place smells great and very clean and they have super-fast internet. Plenty of space for family to set and watch their kids. 

2016/05/23 at 6:24 AM

I like the club so much and you are the best master in the world you are 8 dan black belt and i am green

I thank you for teacing me very much. why do you travel too much ?

2016/05/23 at 6:23 AM