Here at Champions Martial Arts Taekwondo, my Masters are committed to creating the most dedicated and hard working champions. This school fostered my discipline and my confidence. Every practice I learn something new and effective. Thank you CMA

– Sara Olszewski

2024/04/21 at 4:40 PM

Master Samir is very helpful and listen to all your concerns and resolve. We moved in from another country where my daughters were in between of Taekwondo coaching and Master continued from their belts. Team of teachers are dedicated and make the session friendly being disciplined at same time. I’ll highly encourage this school to everyone genuinely interested in Taekwondo.

-Priyank Gupta”

2024/04/21 at 4:39 PM

The environment is really warm and friendly, the students help each other improve and develop. A great martial art academy.

-Anakin Tang”

2024/04/14 at 4:37 PM

World Taekwondo & Kukkiwon (Korean governing bodies) recognized school, multiple locations, highest ranked male and female Grandmasters and Masters in Canada, Olympians and National Champions, special guest instructors, fostering a community culture built on respect, spirit and hard work. Fantastic opportunity for younger children who are disciplined enough. Older students and Black Belts always helping to better their less experienced classmates. No McDojo here. Highly ranked local/international competition team. I would highly recommend for both girls and boys who enjoy a mix of individual performance and team spirit, looking to improve overall fitness, body control and new skills.

– Ryan Donik

2024/02/21 at 4:48 PM

Amazing team! Totally recommend for all parents to help their kids confidence and physical development! I have 4 yo daughter and 6yo son going here now for about 6 months on track to get their second belt! The kids love it and are super motivated by the system of coloured belts and continuous ability to progress! They are also very proud sharing their successes at school and otherwise with friends.

-Vlad M

2023/10/21 at 4:35 PM

My 7yr son Nolan has been at Champions Taekwondo for just over a year now and under the amazing guidance of GrandMaster Samer Kamal – he has not only received the best Taekwondo training I could have ever hoped for, but his training has helped with his overall confidence as well! I would highly recommend Champions Taekwondo to anyone and everyone I know as the best there is in town!!!

– Carlyle Fernandez

2023/09/21 at 4:52 PM

It’s the best thing I did for my son, Champions Martial Arts know how to excite the kids and boost their confidence while improving their skills, flexibility and strength!

Master Samer and his team are awesome, I’ve seen huge progress in less than six months. They create a balanced atmosphere of friendship, trust, discipline and fun.

I highly recommend Champions Martial Arts, if you are hesitant if this is the right thing for your kid, they do have a trial session and you will not be disappointed.

2023/08/23 at 6:23 AM

Champion martial arts located on 3413 wolfdale is big and clean.master samer is a great taekwondo master.he likes to push his students and at the same time master samer makes it fun.master samer builts champions,and self confidence.

– Jad Toubassi

2022/04/21 at 4:38 PM

Outstanding facility for kids! The instructors are absolutely amazing! They take time explaining instructions to kids and are patient and ensure the kids learn technique.
Would highly recommend for anyone looking to start their child in TKD!

– Guneet G

2019/04/21 at 4:50 PM

Test Before I trained here at Champions martial arts I didn’t know how to fight or anything close to that. I was also weak and not very flexible. Now it’s been 4 months here and I can almost kick to my head and almost do the full splits both ways. I am now also stronger than I am before with kicking punching and take downs 

 -Rayan Sara

2016/05/23 at 6:36 AM